Sherman Wong
Category: Companies
I offer 25 years as a top-notch editor in corporate, academic, and creative settings. English is my field of expertise (and my native language), but technical writing doesn’t faze me. I have taught university-level technical and business writing, creative writing, and literature over the last 15 years. My professional editing work has included books, dissertations, and articles in psychology, history, art, finance, sociology, cultural studies, and more, plus novels by a nationally known writer. (A quick search on Google Books will reveal that many writers published by national presses have cited my editing in their acknowledgments pages.)  That said, I am down-to-earth, have a sense of humor, and am willing to work with clients to produce a polished project. I have been freelancing since 1994 and have many references–just ask! I have an excellent knowledge of grammar, usage, punctuation, and syntax and will gladly help you get through your most difficult projects.

Dominic Patrick
Category: Finance
A Headmaster, Dean, grantwriter, business analyst, teacher to adults and children, course designer, State Dept. correspondent, online program manager – I’ll put all this experience to work for you! With both a business finance and academic development background, I have experience in many different professional arenas. I have started new businesses, launched successful educational programs, obtained government funding through grants, taught college, high school, and primary school students, presented, represented, recorded, budgeted, consulted, and traveled.

Orville Steele
Category: Stocks
A Headmaster, Dean, grant writer, and business expert, educator to grown-ups and kids, course architect, State Dept. reporter, and online project supervisor – I’ll give this experience something to do for you! With both a business account and scholastic advancement foundation, I am involved in a wide range of expert enclosures. I have begun new organizations, dispatched effective instructive projects, got government financing through awards, taught school, secondary school, and elementary school understudies, displayed, spoke to, recorded, planned, counseled, and voyaged.

Curtis Figueroa
Category: Market
My degree is in Economics and I have worked in accounting, finance, and database management. My most recent full-time position was with a non-profit, handling all in-house bookkeeping as well as the Membership Program and the member database. My current work is providing web content as well as proofreading and editing services.