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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Has Plans Underway To Transform Your iPhone Into The One-Stop Shop For All Your Medical Info

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is making plans to unveil its new technological advancement. The provider has lately held talks with hospitals, developers and other industry groups. It targets bringing clinical data, such as allergy lists and detailed lab results to the iPhone, something it is sure will excite users. That has been confirmed by a half-dozen people familiar with the team. Thereafter, the various users will have the freedom to share it with third parties, like health developers and hospitals.

The company’s spokeswoman while answering questions to a number of journalists revealed that Apple is considering startups in the cloud hosting space .This is in regards to the potential acquisitions that might fit into this plan.

Basically, this has much to do with what the provider did with music where it replaced CDs and scattered MP3s with a centralized management system in iPod and iTunes in the similarly complex and fragmented landscape for health data.

The former National Coordinator of Health IT for the Department of Health and Human Services, Farzad Mostashari and Aledade who is the founder of a start-up both agreed on one fact. If Apple Inc (AAPL) indicated seriousness, this would be a major breakthrough.

According to, the new move is sure proof that indeed Apple is doing all it can towards tackling an enormous problem that the medical community has been struggling with for many years.

It is quite unfortunate that despite the fact that patients are living in the digital age, they still encounter challenges sharing information between doctors, especially among different clinics and hospitals. The so-called “patient portals” are not a sure solution. Most patients that resort to it say user experience is poor, not forgetting that the information is limited.

In the recent months, Apple Inc (AAPL) has been holding talks with and a number health IT industry groups which according to trusted sources are considering ways to make this dream a reality. A number of technology giants have also been making attempts to establish top solutions a long this line. They have been using their own web-based patient health record services but they didn’t succeed.

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