Oracle co-founder believes they leave Amazon behind

According to Larry Ellison, Amazon is behind the Oracle for 20 years. During the last conference OpenWorld that took place in San Francisco Ellison shares his thought, showing Oracle’s cloud database, which beat the Amazon Service.

It seems like, Larry Ellison just cannot let go the thing with Amazon, and continue to assault them during Oracle conference this Tuesday.

While he was showing the benchmarks on the screen, Ellison admitted that AWS is not optimized at all, not for their Database, not for the own Amazon database as well.

He shows as an example the work of Oracle Database on the Oracle cloud. And it works much faster together, than on the Amazon cloud.

According to him, the work of Amazon only gets worse with the ancient tools. He claimed that Amazon Web Service is just using the features that probably was good 20 years ago, but do not suit for the modern world.

Ellison believes that their new tools for Aurora and Redshift will not work at all, and they are 20 years behind the Database of Oracle.

He offers customers to switch into the Oracle offering of the public cloud instead of using Amazon Service.

We believe that Ellison’s last angry speech is just the part of the campaign, provided by Oracle. They want to show how was its database can work comparing to the world leaders on the market. Especially, when it’s touching the question of their own benchmarks.

He claims that Oracle is 24 times faster in its work than the software from Amazon.

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